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Take Control of Your News

Add your favorite news feeds to Newsriver. Newsriver supports all RSS, Atom, and JSON feeds. Using the Newsriver Editor, you can make those feeds flow across your desktop.

Add as many feeds as you want to Newsriver. With Newsriver Pro, you can unlimited active feeds. With the free version, only five feeds can be active at a time.

Newsriver River Editor
Newsriver Rivers

Let Your Rivers Flow Where You Wish

Your news feeds are organized into rivers. Each river can have custom set of feeds and its own style.

With Newsriver Pro, you can create as many rivers as you wish. With the free version, only the All Feeds river is available.

Style Your News Your Way

Make your rivers your own. Feed order, colors, fonts, and more are customizable from the Newsriver Editor. Give the events of the world a personal flair on your desktop.

With Newsriver Pro, you have the full palette of features to tweak your feeds. With the free version, only limited customization options are available.

Newsriver Editing Feeds

Newsriver Pro

Shape the Flow of Your News. Become a Pro.

Newsriver Pro opens up all features of Newsriver to you.

With no limits on rivers & feeds and countless options for customization, the world can truly be yours.

And by supporting Newsriver, you will able us to bring more features to the app and support indie development ❤️.

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